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Company Profile

Who we are?

Marintur Indonesia was founded in 1966 as the first private tour and travel company in the country and has been recognised as one of the well-established organisations in tourism industry after being around for more than 40 years. Following the whole acquirement by The Ashadi Tjahjadi’s Family in 1988, with the Head Office located in Jakarta, Marintur Indonesia expands its business further by launching their second office in Bali and widen the lines, including land transportation company (Bali), boutique hotel (Bandung), as well as maintaining an outstanding networking and being committed to the development of the tourism in Indonesia. Marintur Indonesia is supported by 200+ employees and brought more than 25,000 customers to Indonesia annually. As a Destination Management Company, Marintur Indonesia is entrusted in addition to its experience and expertise to provide the customers with wide-ranging creative products and services, more focused to offer professional and personalised services to the clients, as well as dedicating its network to the quality and satisfaction values. Alongside the superior networking in Jakarta and Bali, Marintur Indonesia also has networks throughout big cities and remote destination in Indonesia. It markets its products mostly using B2B, while also doing B2C.

Our Visions and Missions

Visions: To be one of the leading companies in tourism industries in the world.

Missions: Organising Destination Management Services with quality and reliability, alongside a superior and committed team, prudent management, as well as strong networks around the globe – while still also expanding the investment within related tourism business projects.

As an Incoming Tour Operator and Destination Management Company

Incoming Tour Operators are Marintur Indonesia’s core business. Among others, its target markets are Western Europe, such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Eastern and Southern Europe, Middle East Countries, such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Asia, such as India and Pakistan, and ASEAN countries. The company’s key innovative products are Java-Bali roundtrips, with additional modules to Lombok, Sumatra areas, South Sulawesi, East and South Borneo, and other places up to Papua. Moreover, Marintur Indonesia offers holiday packages and tours, free and easy journeys, incentives, as well as special themed tours, such as family, honeymoon, luxury, wellness, edutainment, and eco-tourism.

As an Outgoing Tour Operator

As an outgoing tour operator, Marintur Indonesia offers the all-in services, including travel documents, hotel stays, airline seats, excursions, car rentals, by scheduled or tailored made packages to the destinations around ASEAN countries, China, Middle Eastern, and European countries.

Connections to the Hotels and Land Transportations

Marintur Indonesia has decided to grow its operation in the accommodation industries by prioritising its key destination in order to fully capitalised on its vertical integration approached and have better control over its products and services. It is also important for us to have a better control over part of this supply and the related costs. With the current state that Marintur Indonesia has, it makes a better position to develop an appropriate and flexible offering that meets travellers’ requirements. The company is assisted with 8 Daihatsu Luxio (4 seaters), 6 Suzuki APV (6 seaters), 2 micro-buses (25 seaters), and 4 big buses from our dedicated partners.