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Marintur Indonesia was founded in 1966 and is recognised as being one of the pioneers in the field and amongst the most established organisations in the tourism industry in the country. The name itself was indeed Marintour and was held under PT Marintour Indonesia Individual Tours Incorporation. The organisation had it focus on handling individual travellers from overseas to Indonesia with tailor made packages.

According to the government regulation at that time, each company had to have Indonesian words for its name, which then Marintur Indonesia modify it by using Indonesian terms (Tour is written and read as Tur in Indonesian). Although the “Marin” part of its name was the abbreviation from Maritim Indonesia, the name is now intact as one utterance, Marintur and is not connected with the term “maritime” in general.

Following the trends for travellers and tourists who come to Indonesia, Marintur Indonesia alter its focus into inbound tours, specialising in tailor made packages and groups, and has also grown into related hospitality businesses, which brought the company to become one of the most effective and efficient company in the country’s travel related enterprises.