The Company

Marintur Indonesia, as a total Destination Management Company in Indonesia has the experience and expertise to provide our customers with comprehensive services and competitive range of products. With the head office established in Jakarta and the second office in Bali, Marintur has a strong back up of 200+ employees and its network through Indonesia in the major tourism destination.

After successfully handling more than 25,000 passengers annually in many years, Marintur Indonesia has dedicated itself to provide professional and personalised services to our clients, including agents and direct customers, it is a commitment for Marintur Indonesia to have innovation, better quality, and high customer satisfaction that made the company as one of the most effective tour operator in Indonesia each year.

Marintur Indonesia expands its business further by widenning the lines, including land transportation company (Bali), boutique hotel (Bandung), as well as maintaining an outstanding networking and being committed to the development of the tourism in Indonesia.

Much of the groups' successes have been attributed to its fine team of dedicated employees, prudent management, and the company itself, which emphasises "quality and trustworthy" as its main value in the company, and to invest in other tourism related project.

Marintur Indonesia is welcoming you to Indonesia and delighted to help you find the best experience in the archipelago, with well equipped and motivated employees for the journeys, as well as its partners around the world.