Leadership and Team

Dra. Hasiyanna Syarain Ashadi-Koestoer MM
Managing Director

Mrs. Hasiyanna is the daughter of the late Mr. Ashadi, who was the former CEO of Marintur Indonesia. Mrs. Hasiyanna first started to continue his father step by being the assistant board of director of Marintur Indonesia in 1991. In 1992, she stepped up and became the Managing Director for the head office, which continued to 1995, when the company decided to establish the second office in Bali and she became the Managing Director for both offices. Besides Marintur, Mrs. Hasiyanna is also taking part in ASITA Jakarta (Travel Association in Indonesia for Jakarta) since 2004. She was the Tour Coordinator from 2004-2008, Association Secretary from 2008-2012, and she is now the Chair Person of ASITA Jakarta for 2012-2016 period. Since 1995, Mrs. Hasiyanna has been promoting Marintur Indonesia and Indonesia, as a country, to the international market and participating into several tourism events, such as ATM, ITB, ATF, MATTA, PATA, etc. She sometimes enjoys being a guest lecture for tourism schools and becoming the speaker for seminars about travel industries, as well as being asked to judge for several tourism events in Jakarta.

Rodion P. Sidharta Hadisoemarto
Corporate GM/Operation

Mr. Rodion has joined Marintur Indonesia since 2009, but already been around the travel business since 1983. Being beyond experienced in tour operator and travel agent, airlines, and promotions for tourism industries, he is now the Corporate GM/Operation and running the company in day-to-day basis. In 2011, Mr. Rodion has helped to run ASMILA Boutique Hotel – Bandung as a GM to start up the hotel as a new comer in hospitality field. Mr. Rodion studied logistics and airlines in his early days, including did his educations in Germany, London, and Japan. Before joining Marintur Indonesia, Mr. Rodion has performed in other tour and travel companies, such as Vijaya, Astrindo, and Bayu Buana. In the past, Mr. Rodion has also contributed in developing new tourism promotion for Comodo Island and Lembe (North Sulawesi).

Reddy Iskandar
General Manager - Marintur Bali

Mr. Reddy has joined Marintur Indonesia as the GM of Marintur Bali since the end of 2007. With the experience of more than 25 years in tour operator and travel companies, Marintur Bali is now running under his leadership on day-to-day basis. Before joining Marintur Indonesia, Mr. Reddy has started hisfirst step in tourism industry as a ticketing staff at Air Canada office in Jakarta. A few years later, he tried his luck to join a cruise ship as a waiter for a year, exploring Vancouver, the West Coast, and to South America, which he praised the moment as a "great experience to understand the meaning of hard working". He, then, went back to Jakarta and worked as a guide for city sightseeing, overland Java and Bali trips, with most of the clients were from the UK, France, and Netherlands. With the many experiences in hand, Mr. Reddy joined Marintur Indonesia first as a product manager for the Bali headquarters, which then he became the GM of Marintur Bali office until present.