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Day Trip Omah Kecebong

Omah Kecebong 4BER Package – IDR 475,000/person

Enjoy the the other side of Yogyakarta – combining its wonderful culture and nature.

4BER package includes:

BERkebaya – you will be wearing Javanese traditional clothes

BERgerobag sapi – you will be riding a cart, pulled by cows

BERkarya – you can try either to do Batik or Wayang (shadow puppet)

BERsantap siang – you will be served a traditional Javanese lunch

This package also includes:

Welcome drinks, Javanese traditional snacks, Es Dawet (traditional dessert, cendol refers to the green jelly-like part of the beverage, while the combination of cendol, palm sugar and coconut milk is called dawet), and documentation of the whole activities.

This package does not include:

Airfare (airplane tickets), accommodations, transports, personal expenses, and others that are not stated above.

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